Proximitips iOS app: A cool guy to be around

Latest Gadgets were invited to an intimate Soho venue to have a hands-on play with Proximitips, an explosion of cool sounding sounding buzzwords and ideas. Phrases like “hyper-local”, “real-time” and “social graph” were thrown around with gay abandon. So what’s all the fuss about?


Proximitips is a free iOS app that attempts to be your cool buddy that knows where all the good restaurants and bars are, knows all the staff and has an opinion on all the dishes. Like having a mobile version of me with you at all times (I kid).

With information gathered from over a 750 areas across London – and also available throughout all Europe – and including around a 125 million places of interest, Proximitips is a useful app for the urban explorer. It is the first hyper-local social magazine with booking and purchase facilities, delivering information such as news, promotions, reviews and discounts that are relevant to them and their location, all from within the app.

The app also allows you to access a large set of bookings facilities, such as making a reservation through Toptable, booking events and taking advantage of offers and promotions from a host of local shops, bars and restaurants. However more often than not this appeared to take you to the booking back on the website, which lacked the slickness I desire in my apps. I was promised that future version releases would make ticketing a much smoother affair for dining and gigs. Being able to stand on a street corner, find a gig and a place to eat and book for both is pretty impressive but the implementation needs some work.

“Proximitips is unique in the way it lets you connect in a single place to all your local needs for entertainment, shopping and fun. For the first time you get all of your social media real-time feeds to keep you updated on what people around you are doing and allowing you to interact with them. There is booking functionalities providing access and connection to local shops and restaurants advertising their latest offers and promotions. There is a Q&A to ask questions or recommend places – where best to grab a bite to eat, a good pub to meet with friends or clubs to party at,“ commented Stefano Diemmi, Global Head of Social Media.

Apps like this live or die on user base and content. The automatic inclusion of users from other social media – Facebook, Twitter and Flickr helps to avoid the “ghost town” feel of similar platforms. Apparently more content aggregators are on the way for version 2.0 which should enhance the experience.

But for now check out