mylocalsalon iOS app review

Here’s one for the ladies! So you are going on holiday in a few days and you need a beauty treatment, perhaps a pedicure or a spray tan to get in the mood. Where is your nearest salon? Step in iPhone app, mylocalsalon. mylocalsalon gives you a directory of hair and beauty salons across the UK.


These days you can book everything online. Book your holiday, hotel and tickets. Now you can add your salon appointment with mylocalsalon. Think for salons. If you travel a lot around the UK, this will be perfect for you if you need some pampering in an unfamiliar city. What I found most useful about this is the ability to check treatments available and book an appointment all through the app. John sitting next you does not need to hear you booking your Brazilian. You no longer need to wait for the salon to open to call and book your appointment. Convenience at your fingertips!

It has several hundred salons and spas in the database and it is expected to grow quickly. I could not find any salon close to me so it definitely in the growing stages. The closest salon according to mylocalsalon was a bus or train ride away and I have plenty within 10 minutes walk. It is expected to have small and large salons so it will cater for the salon down the road at some point. You can search the directory by business, service, location and price so you can find whatever suits you.

The interface is very easy to use with availability of appointment clearly indicated. A helpful feature is the number of pound signs so it easy to compare on prices. Click on a salon and you can see the brands they use which is good if you like a certain brand.

You will also get a daily email with discounts and special offers from the salons and spas. How can you be sure your booking has made? Do not worry, you will receive an automated booking confirmation. mylocalsalon is a free iPhone app available on iTunes now.