iRemoco: Remote control helicopter for the iPhone

iPhones are cool,  but everything is so virtual. If you want to use your iPhone for physical fun, you’ll need iRemoco – a remote control helicopter for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Using a special adapter that plugs into your iDevice, full control of a model helicopter is at your phone’s command.


The toy helicopter comes with the usual array of accessories: there’s the helicopter itself, a USB charging cable, some spare rotor blades (extremely useful) and the iRemoco Controller. The helicopter and the controller both require charging from a USB device – neither can draw power directly from the iPhone (it’s an Apple thing).

The controller – a red tubey thing, plugs into the foot of your iPhone to send information to the helicopter. Then you simply download the iRemoco App onto your iOS device and you’re free to fly.

The app has two control options – joysticks or motion control. Personally, we’ve never got on with any motion control apps, but it’ll be otherworldly to pilot a real helicopter by tilting a phone. We definitely want to give it a try – although being reared on the Playstation, we know that joysticks will help us out. Whatever controls you chose, it’s great that iRemoco give users the choice.

The screen displays battery information for the helicopter, as well as allowing trim adjustments and multiple helicopter control. Unfortunately, that’s not simultaneously – you can switch between different channels to control different helicopters, one at a time. We can imagine the problems controlling a whole fleet of helicopters in unison – but it would still be awesome-cool.

The device works with the iPod touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Gen, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4, as well as both iPads. The range is 10 meters.

Head to the company’s kickstarter page for more information.