The Wild Jam Maker App: Possibly the most ‘fruitful’ app in existence

From apps that can turn your iPhone into a stethoscope so that you can listen to your own heartbeat, to an app that encourages you to lick the screen to curb pangs of hunger, there’s an app for just about anything these days, although the latest app press release to arrive in the LG inbox takes some beating – the Wild Jam Maker App.

Download the Wild Jam Maker onto your iPhone and it identify berries, fruits and plants in the wild so that you can pick them and make jams, jellies or any other fruit-filled delight you might fancy.


So what’s wrong with the good, old-fashioned method of searching for hedges laden with plump and juicy blackberries to go home with your clothes and hands stained purple but with a bulging bag of fruit to make a pie so tasty that Mr Kipling would be proud of?  Well it’s not ‘21st century’ enough is it? Like almost every app, the Wild Jam Maker is devoted to making your life easier and if you are an ardent jam maker, then this app could prove fruitful – no pun intended!

Created by cooker manufacturer Stoves as part of its sponsorship of the world’s biggest jam festival, the 2011 Real Jam Festival, this highly inventive app combines berry foraging advice, including descriptions, uses and photographs of the most commonly found plants, with jam making recipes.

The BBC are even getting in on the Wild Jam Maker action, with Countrylife foraging expert Chris Bax praising the merits of the new app as being a positive contribution to a campaign dedicated to encouraging the British public to make the most of its abundant wild berry life by preserving it into jam.

“Jam-making and foraging go hand-in-hand and the Wild Jam Maker app is a fantastic way to find information about wild plants and berries at the touch of a button whilst on the go. With this year’s expected bumper fruit harvest due to the cold winter and warm spring, I’d urge people to download Wild Jam Maker,” said Chris Bax.

Being free, the Wild Jam Maker is surely deserving of a download, if not to help teach my children what berries than can and cannot eat!