Etymotic AWARENESS headphone app: Making headphones safer

Now here’s a funny story. A friend of mine recently got into jogging but insisted that he needed his run to be accompanied with the music on his iPod. As he was happily running through a field with the lyrics of U2 helping him maintain his pace, he was blissfully unaware of the 5.2-hand horse cantering next to him. It was only when one track faded into the next when he heard the strange rumbling noise and looked up to see he had a horse running next to him. Needless to say, my friend’s running career died a sudden death.


Although situation’s such as missing that all important gate announcement at an airport, missing your name being called at the doctors, or having a horse as an exercise partner on a jog, could be about to be eradicated from the lives of those who regularly listen to music on their headphones, with the arrival of the “AWARENESS” app.

This revolutionary iPhone app ‘listens’ to users’ surroundings and mixes any noise that is louder than normal background sounds directly into their earphones. For example if an announcement of a fire drill came on the loudspeaker in a supermarket, a person would still here the announcement even if they had music pumping out on their headphones.

This innovative app has been developed by the UK Company Essency, which builds innovative apps for mobile devices that make headphone use safer and more convenient. So pioneering and impressive is this sound level meter technology that Essency have sold the technology to Etymotic Research in the US – reversing the ‘conventional’ transatlantic flow of technology.

AWARENESS is tuned specifically for Etymotic hf3 and mc3 headsets and is free to anyone who owns these headsets. Although the AWARENESS The Headphone App. Universal V2.2 is the manual version of the app and is available to all headphone users for just £1.19 from the iTunes App Store.

I’ll have to inform my friend about the AWARENESS app, and then perhaps he can resurrect his running career.