Morf: MacGyver your iPhone

Do you know how to stop your pets getting onto the sofa? Could you make instant smelling salts from what’s in the fridge? How many uses do you have for toothpaste? These are all questions we hadn’t asked until the Morf app came into our lives. Now, we’re stuck trying to make everything do something else. And thanks to Morf, it’s easier.


The Morf iPhone and Android app helps users discover secondary uses for products – sometimes miraculously so. It’s a bit like a cool new version of the Women’s Institute handbook.

The app has two distinct sections – the first being, “What do I do with…” Here users pick an object from a list and see its many uses – perfect for nearly out-of-date food or old stuff that you haven’t used since 1973.

There’s also the probably-more-useful “How can I…” section that shows you how to solve everyday problems using everyday items.

There are already hundreds of these built-in to the app, with more being added every day. You can see an example online at Morf’s website – they have “Morf of the Day” to lure in the customers. This option is available in-app, too.

Today’s tip? Filling your coffee maker with Alka-Seltzer (and water), then running a cycle will clean it nicely. Useful! Other tips include putting soggy lettuce in a bowl of cold water with some lemon juice and refrigerating to freshen it up. Oh, and peanut butter is great for getting chewing gum out of hair.

The app will really succeed when it gets enough entries to become an all-knowing bible of useful tips. Although the solutions currently reside in the hundreds, the app is actually built from user-submitted tips – so the database grows every day, accelerating with the number of users.

And if you have a moment of product-inspiration, you can submit your solution right from the app. If it’s good, it’ll eventually appear Morf’ed.

The app costs £0.59 – much less than the cost of a 24-hour Anti-Pet Sofa Guard, or even a pack of smelling salts.