iTrack protect: Mobile tracking technology

It has crossed everyone’s mind at some point – where is your child, your relative, your partner? In the interest of safety and wellbeing – and cunning, curious Sherlock Holmes ingenuity – tracking the location of people has always been a hot topic of interest.


The itrack Protect is billed as ‘James Bond style technology’ in its marketing information, but the mobile phone tracking system seems less super-spy and more domestic security. You have to, in compliance with UK law, receive permission from the tracked user in order to use the application, so there’s most definitely not going to be any following of that cat-stroking, Russian uber-villain.

You will, however, be able to track your child, or your elderly relative, for example. Prices range from £5.99 a month (for desktop and mobile compatibility for one user, GSM only – not GPS) to £22.99 a month for a family pack, which lets you follow five devices. Small businesses can use a more expensive package, but it allows for greater scope. Working in partnership with most major mobile networks, it uses both GSM and GPS where possible to keep in touch with your tracked mobile phone, with a computer program letting you keep track of the unit’s whereabouts.

One prevalent feature of the itrack Protect which is slightly more 007 however – or perhaps 999 – is its Red Alert warning system, which lets tracked users raise an alarm if they feel that they are in danger. The alert system can be triggered by merely pressing a speed dial button and an alert message can be sent to a number of recipients.

Other services that the application offers include route histories and excessive speed indication – which certainly guns for the ‘peace of mind’ angle which this product revolves around.

The consumer model of the itrack Protect, which has been developed from military and government use, will be available for trial in the next few weeks.