Encyclopaedia Britannica – on your smartphone

Maybe it’s because I’m old, but I still remember when the Encyclopaedia Britannica was sold in huge books, which you would paid for weekly or monthly, and I can remember seeing them all lined up on a stand at the Ideal Home Show I think it was.


Then came the pioneering days of the likes of Encarta and we were all amazed how all that info could be squeezed onto a CD-ROM (those were the days eh?). And now, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is truly entering the 21st century as it brings a range of educational apps for children to the smartphone.

The latest app to be released covers the rise and fall of the Aztec Empire, from its foundation by nomadic farmers, through the reign of Montezuma II and its fall to Hernan Cortes.

The app is aimed at children aged eight to 12 and has been developed around Britannica’s curriculum-based content, so has been designed specifically to help your kids with their projects, homework and exams. (Blimey, in my day all we had was a lucky Gonk and a packet if Polos).

The app has content on the Azter rules, society, and culture as well as their gods, religion and beliefs.

Ian Grant, Managing Director of Encyclopædia Britannica UK said: “Educational apps are fast becoming one of the most important learning platforms in the 21st century. Not only do they deliver interesting and relevant content at the touch of a button, they are a great way of keeping children engaged while they explore new topics and subjects.”

Aztec Empire is the latest in a series of educational mobile apps developed by Britannica. Other titles in the series include Volcanoes, Dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Knights and Castles, Solar Systems and Rainforests.

The app costs £4.99 and also features interactive features, quizzes and games. It is available for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded from the app store.