Crayola ColorStudio HD – Blending timeless colouring meets the iPad

For anyone with kids, you are likely to be a big fan of Crayola, which since their crayons were first introduced in 1903, have brought an endless amount of fun and creativity to the lives of children. In spite of Crayola’s unique aptitude in providing activities of a timeless nature to children, the company is moving with the times, and have announced a merger with Griffin Technology Inc, makers of innovative technology for everyday life. Although the amalgamation of two very different companies may at first seem slightly unusual and even incompatible, the net result of merging the ageless and enduring nature of Crayola’s products and ethics of creativity with the avant-gardism of Griffin Technology, is phenomenal, particularly is you happen to be a child.


One creation aspired from this of this inventive merger is the Crayola ColorStudio HD, which, by combining a multi-activity drawing application for iPad – the Crayola ColorStudio HD App – with a custom-built digital stylus, known as the Crayola iMarker, provides a completely new and innovative digital play experience. When used in-conjunction with one another, the ColorStudio HD App and the iMarker enables children to interact with, and colour in the pages of an animated colouring book, which come ‘alive’ and react to the child’s colouring, uniquely combining colour, pictures, sound-effects and music. Resonant of being a paintbrush, pen and crayon in one, the iMarker and the ColorStudio compliment each other, bringing one another to life. Needless to say with such a diverse number of art accessories in one accessible location, the Crayola ColorStudio HD stimulates a child’s creativity, accuracy and intuition by enabling young artists to manipulate both colour and space.

Whilst conventional paper colouring books provide different designs and drawings that children can colour in, with the Crayola ColorStudio app children can even design the pages themselves, and, once satisfied with their creation, can print them from an iPad and colour them with crayons and markers. Although a child’s creativity does not stop at drawing and colouring with the Crayola ColorStudio HD, as it also features more than 50 interactive activity pages, such as Color by Numbers and Musical Dot 2 Dot.

The days of parents placing their child’s artistic masterpiece proudly on the fridge door may be numbered, or at least been relegated into a second position, as with the ColorStudio HD proud parents can share their child’s artistic genius with the world via a share feature which enables to post the art onto Facebook.

The digital age, like drawing and colouring itself, is all about exploration and discovery, and Crayola’s imaginative amalgamation with Griffin Technology and the subsequent arrival of the ColorStudio HD has unleashed a bold and wonderful new form of self expression and discovery for children.

The Crayola ColorStudio HD will be available shortly, which will include a Crayola iMarker digital stylus, a free download of the ColorStudio HD app, built-in user tutorials and content updates sent periodically – Not a bad package for just $29.99 when you consider the creative benefits it will bring to your child, not to mention the hours of entertainment.