DJ World Studio: Last night a DJ app saved my life.

Well being honest not last night, but a few nights ago. And not so much save as spare me from a boring party. The CD player was acting up and we needed tunes. So I decided to plug my iPad in and inflict Roy Ayers and Bob James on my friends. And as I’m sure you aware there are any number of apps to do this – including the built in iTunes app. However (un) fortunately for my friends, I was testing the new DJ world app for the iPad so thought I’d give playing with the digital wheel of steel a go in a live environment.


Before I go on I should point out I have a few years experience of vinyl and radio DJing – not on a professional level or with any great degree of technical prowess but I’ve played around with the real thing, can beatmatch, crab and flare a little on a good day and fade in and out with the best of them.

So how does iPad DJing compare? Well it’s not a good. Obviously. But it is quite good. And more importantly it’s quite good fun. And most importantly, with a bit of practice you can rock a party – although Bob James must share some of the credit for this for writing Take Me to Mardis Gradis.

DJ World comes loaded with about 20-30 songs that allow you to dip your world into the murky world of what should be called mixology (how did we let cocktail bar staff take that name?).  You can see the waveform of the songs as you play them, so you are able to beatmatch with a degree of precision unthinkable in the old days. Once you get used to the feel of smooth glass instead of vinyl (there is a CDJ skin as well) you can easily nudge the records in time, scratch a little (working the surface of the record and the crossfader is a little fiddly) or just press the auto sync button and pretend you are Kool Herc.

It’s a good £11.99 in the app store – but considering a set of decks and vinyl could easily run into the hundreds it’s not a bad price for a dabble. Out now at an app store near you.

****** Update *******
DJ World Studio celebrates the arrival of iPad2 in Europe this weekend with the App available for £5,99 instead of the usual £11,99 from March 25th to 28th only: