Premier Inn smartphone app: Booking made easy

For the travellers out there, Premier Inn  offer a new app allowing to book and manage you hotel booking on the go. Premier Inn is the UK’s largest budget hotel chain. Perhaps you are going away for a romantic weekend or a quick business trip. They say there is an app for everything, so why not one to book your hotel?


The Premier Inn is available not only on iPhone but Nokia, Android and Blackberry phones. It has real-time availability and prices of the all the UK hotels and it can also show where the nearest Premier Inn is, useful if you are on the go. The app has photos of the hotels so you can see what they look like before you get there.

A big plus about the app is it is free. I took the time to download and give it a test drive. The app was quick to load. There are hotel details which show the facilities available like parking, restaurants and disabled access. However, the icons are a bit small so it can be a bit hard to make out what some of them are. You can obtain the booking details and show them to concierge in arrival to make things a bit faster. There is a description of amenities near each hotel so you have an idea of the area which can prove useful if you do not know the area well. The app pinpoints the hotel so you can plan your route. It is a simple app to use with a simple premise which it does well.

The higher-end hotel chains have their own apps, some are elaborate and make booking difficult but Premier Inn is the first budget hotel chain to provide an app. If you stay in Premier Inn, this app is a dream. Available to download now from the iTunes store here. Sweet dreams!