MySpace and Facebook team-up: Flogging a dead horse?

By Chris Cope,

It might be akin to flogging a dead horse, but the more eagle-eyed social networking fans out there may have noticed that MySpace has had a bit of a facelift in an effort to reassert its position as a web heavyweight.

MySpace is a veteran of the social networking scene but the emergence of Facebook and Twitter has seen its popularity wane to a point where some of it’s most devoted users – especially bands and musicians – have begun to jump ship.


A lot of MySpace’s roots lie in music and entertainment, but with the likes of Bandcamp and Soundcloud offering simple, clean homes for streaming music, MySpace have been left wondering where to go next to reclaim all its lost souls.

And where does the revamp point to? Well, a lot of music it seems. In comes a new ‘Discover’ section, littered a smorgasbord of links to bands, music videos and other promotional gubbins. It’s all pretty clickable, and compared to its once clumsy looking interface, it looks sleek with a mature black and grey colour scheme.

Allied with the ‘Discover’ section is the ‘My Stuff’ tab, treading upon the finer details of social networking – giving you a chance to customise your profile, upload photos, search for new friends and indulge in all the usual networking.

Delve into this new-look portal deeper and its flashy make-up begins to dissipate, leaving you with the bare bones of a floundering social networking website.

On the other side of the spectrum however, Facebook has recently announced a new, all-inclusive messaging system which incorporates chat and texts alongside your traditional messages – a logical addition in the website’s quest to truly dominate the market.

Twitter, of course, has phased in a new layout, providing greater integration, navigation and smoother interaction.

With Facebook and Twitter covering most social networking bases, plucky entrepreneurial pizzazz is needed to break into the market. Perhaps most notably, foursquare has gained popularity in 2010 and its interactivity – like a distant cousin of social networking websites – sees users check in at various locations as they move around cities, doubling up as a travel guide and also a game.

MySpace’s deviation into what seems more like a social media hub rather than a social networking website is an interesting one, but with the likes of streaming program Spotify becoming hugely popular, it’s left to ponder whether MySpace has any sort of real future.

  • rohan khanna

    This is good for MySpace. Now MySpace wont fade away, but it just got a lot more insecure. I use Facebook Connect as little as possible. Ive lost trust in Facebook altogether and I think safer social networking platforms MyCube and Diaspora seem very promising in terms of privacy and I am waiting for them to release.

  • MyShyteMaze

    Sorry, no, it’s not good for MySpace. Thousands of people are pissed off and leaving because Mike Jones and his t*rd buddy Sean Percival have completely destroyed the place. He said, and I quote him verbatim “you are guests here, not members, and bloggers don’t matter, never did. A ton of us have left and we will stand by and watch as those to idiots send it spiraling into the sh*thole. It wasn’t dead, but now, with these two doofus’ on board, it is now most sincerely dead.