Fireplayer iPhone app: pocket DJs rejoice

Music aficionados may be interested to hear that the ‘next generation of music app’ is now available. Among the big names giving the Fireplayer remixing app their backing are Universal Music, Ministry of Sound and Infectious.

Tech company Bounce are behind the development of this brand new piece of music software. They have crammed the app with effects, such as kick, vocals, effects, bass and percussion, with which fledgling DJ’s can hone their skills. Once you are satisfied that the tunes are up to scratch you can upload them to Facebook.


As with many other iPhone Apps, it is possible to download the Fireplayer free from the App store. Users will have immediate access to two free tracks, Hed Kandi’s ‘La La La’ and ‘Demons’ by South Central, due for official release towards the end of 2010.

Whether iPhone owners will be prepared to part £1.79 for each additional track remains to be seen. However, those individuals who do expand their music portfolios will be able to choose from great tunes such as ABC by the Jackson 5, Desire Super Red Berry by Hed Kandi and Give It To Me Baby by Rick James.

Martin Macmillan, CEO of Bounce Limited, said, ‘We’ve developed an app which enables people to interact with their favourite music in a new, engaging and addictive way. We’ve worked hard with key content providers to offer music across a range of musical genres, which gives Fireplayer mass market appeal and a unique proposition’.