Advertising Opportunities

We reach thousands of readers each month who are interested in gadgets and consumer technology. Latest Gadgets is one of the UK’s most popular independent technology websites, providing our readers with frequently updated reviews and news about the latest gizmos and gadgets coming to market. Our readers are, by their nature, early adaptors who are keen to discover the latest gadgets and gear.

We’ve handled advertising for a number of technology focused companies, including Volvo, CoPilot, HTC, Magix and Nuance. We work hard with our advertisers to build custom advertising solutions best suited to their budget and goals. We offer banner advertising in a variety of formats (see below) as well as bespoke services such as hosting competitions and giveaways.

Banner advertising options

– Leaderboard (728×90 px) banner, top-right
– MPU (300×250 px) above fold
– Skyscraper (160x600px) in right column

Take-overs and Competitions

We’ve previously worked with clients on both ‘wrapping’ our site (taking over the background) as well as home page take-overs. We have also hosted a number of popular competitions and giveaways, whereby we build and host a dedicated entry page and the client supplies the prize. We then also promote the prize entry page on our social media account as well as elsewhere on the web.

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